Benefits of Freight Consolidation

  • Freight Cost Savings

By consolidated smaller shipments into a larger single shipment pushes up to a less costly freight mode.

Examples of Freight Consolidation Savings:

  • Consolidating multiple small parcel shipments into a single LTL shipment.
  • Consolidating multiple LTL shipments into a single truckload or intermodal shipment.
  • Reduced Damages

Using the LTL cost savings example, consolidating LTL shipments into a single truckload will allow the shipment to by-pass the LTL hub-and-spoke network in favor of a single linehaul to destination.

  • Improved Transit

Using the LTL cost savings example again, the transit time is improved with consolidated LTL shipments because the shipments travel direct to destination versus moving through a typical LTL network.

  • Improved Visibility and Service

Visibility improves, the information is more reliable and the shipments will deliver together.

  • Less Dock Congestion

To illustrate this point, let's go back to the LTL example. Instead of multiple LTL motor carriers arriving at the destination dock, a shipper will receive one truckload shipment.

Consolidation service solutions are available for parcel, LTL, air and ocean freight shipments.

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